hyung 3Prison Stats on Asian & Pacific Islanders:

– During the prison boom in the 1990s, the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) prison population grew 250% while the overall prison population grew by 77%.

– From 1999 to 2004, the API prison population rose by 30% while the white prison population rose by only 2.5%.

– The largest API ethnic groups in CA prisons are Vietnamese (22%), Filipinos (19.8%), Pacific Islanders (9.9%), and Laotians (8.5%).

– Several API groups in Oakland have very high arrest rates, including Samoans (who had the highest arrest rate of any racial/ethnic group in the city, 140 per 1,000), Cambodians (63 per 1,000), Laotians (52 per 1,000) and Vietnamese (28 per 1,000).

– Southeast Asian and Samoan youth in Alameda County also experience high rates of recidivism, with over 40% of Southeast Asians arrested in Oakland committing crimes of “greater seriousness” within two years.


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