APSC’s Second Anthology: Calling for Submissions!

After the success and impact of Other: an Asian & Pacific Islander Prisoners’ Anthology (published in 2007), the Asian Prisoner Support Committee (APSC) is organizing another anthology to highlight even more voices and perspectives from API populations in prison and outside.

APSC is calling for submissions from folks inside and folks who have gone through reentry – works can include anything from short narratives, poetry, artwork, stories, photos, biographies, and calls to action. All proceeds from this anthology will go towards organizations supporting currently and formerly incarcerated folks, as well as those facing deportation. The theme for the second anthology is the migration to school to prison to deportation/reentry pipeline, and each chapter will center around one of these themes.

Ch 1: Migration    |    Ch 2: School    |    Ch 3: Prison    |    Ch 4: Deportation    |    Ch 5: Reentry

These are only general themes – works submitted can overlap themes and be just as intersectional as our identities are.

The first wave of submissions will be collected November 15th. There is a soft limit of 2 ½ typed pages (single-spaced), but if you feel you need more space to fully convey your story, please submit anyway. We may have an editor review your submissions and provide feedback, suggestions, and comments, which we will share with you for additional drafts and approval.

We can’t wait to hear and share your truth. By uplifting and spreading the stories of incarcerated API people, we hope to shed a light on the struggles we see, and the roads to reentry.

Please mail all submissions to:

APSC – Anthology
PO Box 1031
Oakland, CA 94604